What people say about Bottle Cuddler?

I bought the Bottle Cuddler for my 2 year old, and he hasn’t put it down! He loves to sleep with it, and even takes it to daycare!
-Racheal, 24, FL

I was skeptical at first about the Bottle Cuddler, but my daughter would not sleep at night. I bought two pigs, and she loves them! She sleeps in her own bed now, with her pig every night. Plus it is so easy to clean, I just throw it in the wash, any doubts are gone!
-Kelly, 32, NY

My nephew is 3 and still stuck on his blankie, my sister was going crazy. I got him a Bottle Cuddler and almost immediately he forgot about his blanket. He carries it everywhere he goes, and moved up to big boy sippy cups with it! Definitely a great buy!
-Charlene, 28, KS

When I started at a new daycare, I wanted to bring a gift for my new kids. I bought a variety of Bottle Cuddlers for my class of 2-3 year olds. Now all the teachers want them, and my parents were super happy! Nap time is a breeze, Bottle Cuddler makes the kids feel comfortable and lets them hug their bottles instead of spilling them.
-Shirley, 58, FL

I’m a single dad and I didn’t know what to give my son for a “buddy.” I got the Bottle Cuddler bear, and it is his new best friend. He sleeps with it, takes it on car rides, even named him! I was surprised what a hit it turned out to be, I bought one for him to take to his grammy’s as well!
-Evan, 36, TX

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